Editor keyboard shortcuts

  • Autocompletion: Ctrl-Space
  • Documentation: Ctrl-D / Cmd-D (Mac)
  • Save All: Ctrl-S / Cmd-S (Mac)

GitHub connect

Use the button to connect to your GitHub account so you can store and retrieve your code.

Sharing your code with others

Click the button and a window will appear with links that either lead to this page pre-filled with the code you're currently editing (the code needs to be saved on GitHub first or to GitHub itself where you can manage the code directly.

Advanced mode

By default you're editing in "Simplified" mode, this means that you get just a single source file where you can immediately start typing Ceylon code without having to care or even know about the requirements for a full-fledged program. But it's comes with a couple of limitations like not being able to import other modules. For this you need to switch to "Advanced" mode. NB: once you switch to advanced mode and start making changes you most likely cannot switch back!